Take advantage of the holiday to play with the our kids is very important


Currently in Germany it is winter. Unlike in Indonesia, children in Germany should be more “comfortable” stay at home because of weather problems that do not allow children to play outdoors all day. Watching television or playing with the device (gadget) advanced a day is certainly not the right solution.
Here we provide some tips about what to do with the children in their spare time:

1. Playing Board Games
Germany have a variety of board games, ranging from classical to modern. Playing board games including one of the activities preferred by people in Germany. One of the classic board games are still widely played in Germany at the moment is “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” or “Hey! Do not be angry!”. Regulation in this simple game sometimes makes players who can not wait to be easy to lose your temper. Thus, while playing board games these parents can also teach patience to their children. “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” can be played with two to six people. Of course the more will be more exciting.

2. Listen to “Hörbücher”
In contrast to watch the story of a prince and princess beloved by television, by listening “Hörbücher” children can be more active imagination. Children will stand in front of a day of music players. Hörbuch is the audio book. Almost all books in Germany consists of two, namely the physical form of the book and CD form.

3. Cooking
Spare time to cook dinner dish or baking a cake would be great fun for children. For this activity of adult supervision is required. Children simply do activities that are easily demonstrated chopping food ingredients to be cooked, such as vegetables and fruits. In addition children can also have a duty to print the pie, or mixing and stirring ingredients cuisine.

4. “Basteln”
Basteln or making craft is also one of the most frequently performed activities of children in Germany. This activity requires children to be creative which is of course very good for brain development in children.

5. Playing in “Spielplatz”
Occasionally playing outside in the winter does not hurt. Almost every residential area in Germany have “Spielplatz” or playground. These gardens are usually equipped with a variety of children’s games, such as a sandbox and a large area for running. Do not forget to wear warm clothes when you play outside.

Play board games, listen Hörbücher, cooking, basteln, as well as playing in Spielplatz is some inspiration leisure activities for you and your family while living in Germany. The activities above but can spend leisure time, also can warm up your family in cold weather in Germany.

That’s the positive activities in their spare time in Germany, what you are in Indonesia are already spending time with their children to play with while eating cake or play games online now. Nowadays, we have had so many great games that can train a child’s imagination to play with the family at home. Have fun!